Winn-Dixie Card FAQ’S

How do I get a Winn-Dixie card?

Get a Winn-Dixie Customer Reward Card Click on the “Apply for the Card” link on the website or click here:, and complete the on-line form. Applications are also available at Winn-Dixie stores. 

Do I need a card?

Yes.  The Winn-Dixie Card allows you to take advantage of weekly discounts, as well as special programs and promotions not available to non-card holders.  

How do I get the discounts and promotions?

When your card is scanned, reward card items you bought will automatically ring up at a discounted price.  

Will I get tons of junk mail?

Simply check off the appropriate box on the application to avoid this.  

What if I don’t want a card?

Then, don’t get a card.  Managers on duty have a ‘supervisors’ card available for those folks who refuse to get a card, yet still wish to obtain the sales prices.   

What if I forget my card?

You are able to use your ten digit telephone number that is associated with your card.   

Can I use manufacturers’ coupons when I’m shopping with the card?

Yes and save even more!  The coupon sensee’ highly recommends it.   

Is the information that I provide to Winn-Dixie sold?

Yep!  Winn-Dixie is a big fan of privacy.



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